Alimini 1,1973.
The entire project includes in an area between the sea, the Alimini lakes, 2 km of the coast and a resort complex for 6000 people.
The residential resort housings of Alimini 1 represent the first part which was realized and it is composed around a central point which is the Piazza.Two pedestrian paths (from the initial five) start from this Piazza. The existing pinewood was kept untouched and the housings were agglomerated instead of being spread in the territory in order to respect the mediterranean natural environment ( the "macchia mediterranea") of this area. The working construction site, an "opened" area, was carefully recreated keeping its original qualities; all the new inserted plants are strictly part of the mediterranean "macchia".
Near the buildings instead, we applied other considerations; in this builded area, the botanical aspect changes to emphatize the artificial side of it, using compatible essence trees such as lemon trees,orange trees and other flowers and climbing plants.
In the gridwhich was created, we can recognize open areas and squares with common facilities, such as the lovers' gazebo or the draughts checked flooring area and the different entrances for incoming visitors which are caracterized by different "monuments" such as the concave pyramid, the big gate etc. The path is again the main theme in this project. All the efforts were focused on defining always different characteristic areas in order to create always different "landscapes", never urban but always relaxing and holiday-like.

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Alimini 2, 1976, rielaborated in 1978.
This project has such a long and complex story that it implied a lot of doubts and therefore the result was its architectural death of the whole.The main subject was to design a 400 inhabitants hotel complex in a superb environment, between the pinewoods, the dunes and the sea. The "building" can be read as a small village: 4 housing lanes which are disposed 2 by 2 and other 2 lanes forming a V with the vertex pointing toward outside.
The focal point of the composition which corresponds also with the converging point of the 2 by 2 buildings is the "church". It is a "church", but only as a reference to the ancient medieval village, where the church used to be the main knot and elevated architectural sign; in this project, the "church" is the area of reception, living space and other community activities' area. This building is facing a Piazza,which is delimited by a curved edifice, originally defined as the hotel's restaurant, the kitchens and all the concerning facilities.
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