When the Town Council of Lignano encharged us the work of a new settlement in the area of the municipality part with a garden and part with an open-air theatre, we thought about a particular type of garden. Due to the small area, the garden design could be solved with a labyrinth project and it was named "the garden of the lanes that bifurcates" in honor of J.L.Borges. The project includes 2 meters-high hedges underlining the labyrinth: the enlargment hosts some historical "theatres" and the main typologies of labyrinth are historically well-known. At a certain point of the way, there's a little two-storey museum of the Laguna , with a terrace where a visitor can see a big marble pool, a copy of the real Laguna which goes from Lignano to Grado. From the museum 's terrace, one can enjoy both the real and the small artificial "Laguna".
The arena went trough quite a few changes: at the beginning it had to be sheltered with a fixed tent, then had to be a sheltered theatre and finally it turned out to be an open-air arena. The two last versions had an anamorphic entrance in common. This gate is a tectonic mirror-reflected image turned into a three-dimension image.
This project is an architectural translation from the fantastic letterature headed by the writer Borges, of course.
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