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This was a project for a new serie of caravans. The mental process to approach this project was to think the caravan as one part of a complex living system for leisure time(....)
There was a need to give priority either to the aerodynamicity for a better performance on the road ( which was always considered first by the producing companies) or either to the confort and living qualities for the living performance ( which was our design priority, considering the definition of the caravan itself as a "living-system for leisure time which has to be pulled by a car").
Once the objectives were defined, they were analized:
1- psycological needs, ergonomical and functional needs for someone who has choosen to go on vacation with a family in a micro-space pulled by his car and needs to organize his family as confortable as possible once arrived on the holiday location;
2- technical and functional facilities, management of the reduced living area opposed to the weight, the measures, the costs limits, the performance on the road and resistance to the climatic conditions.These last two conditions imply big problems in the movement manoeuvres( because of dimension and weight) and the capacity of adaptation to the road codex, together with the matters of isolation, condensation, ventilation etc. The choosen procedure allowed to consider at the same time, different aspects at the same time, resolving contrasts between desirable needs and the effective performances, economically and dimensionally speaking(...)
G.M.Oliveri, design for leisure time,Casabella, n°390, june 1974,pp 21-35.
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