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The choice of a building with a strong image was a response to the symbolic significance of its public function, the sizeable area it covers, the opportunity provided to revive this peripheral zone on the edges of the early 19th-century expansion of Bari under Murat, and its place as administrative seat and promoter of culture.
Hence the design of a building with a 70 m. high portal, whose monumentality is carefully diverted by the asymmetry of the right-hand pillar which is deformed as a result of the rotation of the facade. The building rises from a sloping base-piazza that contains the information services and in which are excavated two straight rising ramps.
The auditorium with 1,000 seats is an independent building on the piazza, so that it can operate independently for the general public.
In the new piazza fitted out for the market, the terracing will house spaces for crafts and services.
L. S.
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