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The proposal, which springs from considerations concerning the role and intended use of one of the busiest arteries of commerce in Milan, but which also suffers the disadvantage of being one of the quickest ways for all traffic from the north-east to penetrate into the centre, foresees converting the road to pedestrian-only access and channelling all vehicular traffic into a subway linking Porta Venezia to Piazzale Loreto.
The subway is 1,800 m. long and reaches a maximum depth of 35 m . beneath Via Morgagni; it includes an attached car-park for 2,000 vehicles and private coaches, and a bus station linked directly with the hinterland.
The pedestrian area, in parts covered with a transparent roof supported by a high metal structure, allows for the expansion of the existing commercial outlets, up to 8,400 sq.m. in area, as well as the creation of new offices, cultural and leisure activities.
From an architectural point of view, the Corso Buenos Aires project begins with the resurfacing of the paving, and includes the assembly of series of plants of gardens of various types and age, simultaneously evoking memories of artificial and natural landscapes.
Piazzale Loreto will be redesigned as the logical conclusion of the avenue in its new role, without circulation of the traffic suffering as a result.
At the centre, a transparent construction linked beneath to the mezzanine floor of the metro station will house a greenhouse for tropical plants.
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