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Within the large rectangle of the available area, buildings and open spaces are closely integrated in the functional organisation of the whole, as also in the proportional correspondences of the ground-plan. From its central position, the large square of the main building measuring 135 m. per side provides the focus for the blocks of car park, the green parterre with the access ramps to the first level and the gardens on the other side, characterised by a perimeter that repeats the form of the building.
The largest and most complex commercial structure, with five storeys above ground, features an internal courtyard on the roof of the ground-floor hypermarket.
The structure of portals in a steel trellis, from which are suspended the floors, is indicated in the external framework, which contains the skin of the building in a free form that is completely glass-covered. The internal courtyard measures 70 m. per side, and is covered by sloping, transparent panels, with an ogive-shaped dome over the central part. The upper floors, distributed around the ring of the central gallery, are spaces planned for retail outlets; on the last floor, containing the beams of the structure, offices and service rooms will be housed.
A second, one-storey, square building, of the same size as the courtyard in the first structure and located in front of its entrance, contains the warehouses. Its roof provides a raised piazza above the green area.
L. S.
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