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Project for the international "Schools on parade" competition for the realisation of the "school city"
Sarno (Salerno), 1999

A long entrance portico to the school takes on the ground-plan of the unconstrained form of Rio Palazzo. Over the river and all around the project's buildings, a paved piazza ensures the unity of the structures and is located at the centre of the area which is arranged around greenery: towards the north, with a small auditorium and an avenue linking to the town along the axis of the bridge over the river, and towards the south, with the school's open-air sports grounds.
The project is distinguished by a planimetrical clarity dictated by the possibility of the town citizens using the two external wings of the gym-canteen and auditorium-library, and by an obligatory functional layout, centred around the common space of the hall-offices volume. From this branch out the rows of three-storey buildings, with the classrooms on the upper floors and the common laboratories on the ground floor.
L. S.

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Competition project for the new Professional Institute building
Giulianova (Teramo), 1999

The volumes of the project fit recognisably in their surroundings thanks to the wall which orders the factory buildings behind it. The need to enlarge the site in successive phases has led to an organism that develops along a precise direction and which is able to guarantee balanced growth in every phase.
The idea of an organisation around blocks is adopted from Duiker's typological research on school buildings. Each three-storey block has four classrooms per floor, facing a common recreation ground.
In line with the idea of the project's transparency and 'lightness', external cladding in decorated steel is used, together with insulating panels in pre-painted aluminium, enabling special chromatic effects that would be hard to obtain using other materials.
L. S.

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