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The new Centro Congressi answers the need to align a true representative front on Via Cristoforo Colombo, but above all it asserts the form of its volume with clarity and expressive force, suitable to placement in the EUR area.
The unusual architectural feature of an inclined plane, having a covered space that emerges in part from the urban plan and in part excavated in the land in negative "like an exhibit which has come to light after an excavation", becomes an urban space laid out as a park.
Planned beneath this floor are all the elements of a clear functional program for high-density land: the heart of the Centro Congressi is a pedestrian gallery at city level, convergence point of urban routes and intersections under the glassed vault, with the great open space of the roof.
In the gallery are the public functions (commercial centre, restaurant, bank, auditorium, bookshop) articulated on three upper levels, and the foyer of the exhibition and conference areas, set out on three levels beneath gallery level, has a capacity to hold up to 10,000 people.
L. S.
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