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"The appearance of the summit as it is today is rather modest and certainly not in keeping with the incommensurable view that is to be had from it.
The four tops of the quadrilateral, of which only three hold any buildings, are linked by a road that is too bereft of 'information' to make it interesting to follow. (…)
The quadrilateral formed by the road would acquire interest if it were seen as a circuit of functions (commercial, cultural and intended for leisure) distributed along a polygon which at each corner gives rise to little villages, each with its own image and special function.
As far as the circulation of traffic and the necessary division of that from pedestrians are concerned, it is proposed to overlay the ordinary route to the summit with one for pedestrians, using a wooden and light metal framework, under which would run the present road, to be suitably broadened and supplied with a row for parking of tour operator vehicles.
The ideal solution would be to cover road and parking with this structure and to build a space above it for shopping and free time, an Italian-style 'streep', that would be bustling, have excellent lighting, lots of advertising and be totally car-free and would link the corners of the quadrilateral: the pass with the cable-car and the pass with Alpe Celle. The length of the 'streep' would be about 700 m., and it would be possible to park about 300 cars beneath. The new raised pedestrian walkway, overlooking the landscape, and dedicated to shopping and entertainment, could potentially become a far-reaching tourist attraction. (…)
The arrival of presences is also indispensable because of the new residential housing planned, which are needed to achieve that quorum of residents able to ensure a minimum degree of liveability in the new centre".
(from the project report)
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