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"…in this hypothesis of the creation of a new town centre in the "Pratone" area, we believe that the colonnade of the town hall (a common house for all the citizens) can constitute the generating focus of a relevant network of buildings. The axis of the town hall's colonnade thus structures the piazza and orders the buildings that define it, taking over the entire scope of the area along Via Gramsci; the piazza so defined finds its points of communicative strength not only in its regular layout, but also in the precise definition of the rhythms created by the square-sectioned towers on both sides. (…)
Alongside the piazza is the park comprising ample lawns and criss-crossed by a network of pedestrian paths that make use of, and integrate, the existing tracks. The existing patches of vegetation (bushes and rows of trees) are increased so as to provide a suitable backdrop for the lawns, directing the lines of vision and facilitating the choice of route.
(…) On the ground floor of the buildings, there will be shops and workshops facing the piazza from under broad porticoes; shops and workshops are also planned for the first floor of buildings on the park side of the square, whilst the first floors of the towers along Via Gramsci will be used as homes and supplied with hanging gardens. The upper floors of the tower-blocks will also be used for housing, except at the top end opposite the horizontal part of the building with the portal, where a residential home is planned in order to vary further the uses of the buildings.
Public services and facilities will be located in the building with modular slabs located at the end of the portal.
The offices are situated in a special circular, three-storey building containing a large temperate greenhouse for public use, which will also be a point of attraction for the entire hinterland…"
(from the project report)
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