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Along a Venetian 'riva' in front of the Giudecca Canal is the project area for a new building or transformation of the refrigerator warehouses into new premises for IUAV. The design of the pavement that pieces together and highlights the morphology of the project, allows for an organic layout to the entire San Basilio zone.
The new premises of the Faculty of Architecture comprise a series of volumes that flank the canal with a wide stairway in various parts (as it covers the auditorium), place of rest for students and space for social interaction with the city.
A transparent conservatory on the stairway is the atrium for distribution and immediate perception of all the functions: on ground floor the areas are open to the general public with flexible hours, (auditorium, bar, restaurant), while the more specialised functions are reached by footway at the upper level. A semi cylindrical space at the west, facing the Rio San Nicolò ex-cotton factory Olcese, already restored by IUAV, contains 12 new lecture rooms articulated radially. An eastern wing, tied to the existing urban morphology, contains offices for teaching staff, seminar rooms and the secretary's office.
The Ligabue warehouses on the eastern side are to be restored and connected by a crossing of glassed galleries to the portico of the Guardia di Finanza building on the Rio and the atrium of the new Faculty.
At the point at which the riva changes direction a domed covering will act as hinge between the warehousing system and the Maritime Station. This space will not be moved, but surgically sectioned off in order to reduce its impact and to favour the osmosis of the Guidecca Canal and the area behind it, via diagonal slices in the buildings which will free up views and generate section plans with interesting geometry.
L. S.
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